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When life gives an opportunity to go out of our comfort zone and discover the world, there is when the basic learning starts. Not everyone is so fortunate to go and study abroad due to a lack of information and knowledge. But due to the growing technology and social networking, everything is just one click away. Students after completion of their high school are excited to choose the best country, university and best course to study abroad and given good guidance would lead them to their goals. Study abroad will benefit a student beyond imagination and expectations. It will offer a chance to explore diverse indigenous cultures, long-lasting connections, a different standard of education, growth and holistic development.
Nowadays we have ample of options available for study abroad 2020 countries, universities, and courses to choose, provided we met the eligibility criteria but choosing the right country, course, and the university is very important for a student and has a great impact on career

United Kingdom
The most popular country in the world and famous in many areas of education including engineering, science, art, design, business, management, law and finance. Studying in the UK means studying at world-renowned universities. The United Kingdom currently has six institutions in the Global University Rankings with the Universities of Cambridge and oxford both scoring 100% in their academic reputations. UK universities provide low coast tuition fees for international students along with scholarships. Students can work up to 20 hours per week in a part-time job. The UK is full of diverse cultures, music, cultural events, lovely countryside, historic sites, and vibrant city life to keep one entertained. Students will find several cuisines, strong transport links, famous music festivals, and international sporting championships. There’s a blend of cosmopolitan cities and traditional villages in the country all over England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, which are the four countries that comprise the UK.
Canada is one of the best study destinations for students in the world offering high-quality education and affordable fee structure with degrees that are accepted worldwide. Canada has seen a constant increase in education and tourism in the last few years. For the nine consecutive years, the UN survey shows Canada to be among the top three places in the world to live in a peace-loving, friendly, caring and secure society. The country provides students a welcoming and friendly atmosphere to live, study, work, and travel. Canada is a country of immigrants and follows a policy of raising multicultural diversity. Canadian society constitutes almost all of the world’s ethnic groups and finds the most ethnic foods and cultural activities. People of Canada are commonly very open-minded and respectful of different cultures and perspectives. There are 163 renowned public and private universities and 183 public colleges and institutes in Canada. some famous universities are The University of Toronto, McGill University, University of Montreal, etc.
Germany is the 3rd popular study destination among international students in the world. The Country’s technological invention and scientific exploration are world-renowned for its quality products and education. People from all over the world consider “Made in Germany” as a seal of quality. The qualitative education which attracts hundreds and thousands of students every year and an extraordinary education system, friendly nature of people, a unique blend of cultures, and a high standard of living available are the reasons why every student wants to study and live in Germany. Every student gets free education in public-funded universities whether domestic or international. Students are permitted to work after college and inside campus also. Germany has excellent career prospects as universities and intuitions have tie-ups with multinational companies offering multiple internships and other job oriented work opportunities for students. Moreover, famous brands like Puma, Adidas, BMV and Volkswagen are German-based companies. There is a strong bilateral relationship between India and Germany thus the country offers a warm, welcome and friendly environment to Indian students who want to study in Germany.
Ireland is home to some of the great universities in the world. The country’s tradition of excellence in providing high-quality education has got recognition from the world. Some of the fields Irish universities specialize in the natural sciences, technology, economics, and the humanities. Every year at around 200,000 students from all over the world come to study in Ireland, and the number grows every year. Ireland provides high-quality education with affordable fee structure including tuition, housing, insurance, and various cultural activities and educational tours. Tuition rates, living costs, and other costs are largely lesser than those in the US and the UK. Irish government along with many institutions and international organizations offer many scholarships and fellowships to international students, depending on their field of study and the course they plan to pursue. It has a reputation for being a safe and welcoming country to live and study for international students. Education in Ireland is mainly provided by 7 universities, 14 institutes of technology, including the Dublin Institute of Technology, University College Cork, National University of Ireland, Galway. Students can work for 20 to 40 hours per week, and apply for a further work permit or a green card during this period. If you study in Ireland, you stand a good chance of finding a job and staying in the country after you graduate.
Want to know more about the admission processes and applications of these countries better visit Admissify office at Delhi Moti Nagar or visit
Author Harisa Bhat
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Scholarship Essay Writing Tips That Will Win You That Grant


Many of the calls for university scholarships require the preparation of this letter as a requirement. This is nothing more than a document in which interests, our goals and above all should be presented as the scholarship to which it is being applied, contributes to its formation and the achievement of its objectives. This document is the opportunity to appear before the selection committee, essay to highlight information that cannot be included anywhere else in the application. If not satisfied you can always go and hire some assignment writing service to get your essay done for you.
In addition, it demonstrates the ability to express oneself, to write, the motivations to continue studies, passion, leadership capacity, among other aspects. Students have difficulty writing an essay, among the causes, we can find that:
  • Most young people do not read, consequently, they have difficulty writing.
  • Students tend to do things at the last moment, as I say many times "we leave everything for the 45th minute and ask for extra time."
  • In addition, most are not familiar with the practice of writing a personal essay to submit along with the application for admission.

Steps to write an essay properly

STEP 1: Think of a very good topic

The essay topic must have a personal meaning, it must reveal something about who you are, what your values and interests are and why you are different from other applicants.
Write something about yourself that is not seen in your notes, the list of courses you took or in any other document of the application.
Selecting the right topic is very important. To start thinking, here are some questions we can ask ourselves: How am I? What have I done? What do I want to do? Where do I want to do it? Why do I want to do it? Why in that place?

STEP 2: Write the essay

Writing takes time; We should not hurry or expect to finish the rehearsal in one afternoon. We must read the instructions carefully - topic, number of words, size and type of letters, margins, and others. We must do the essay considering them. Using simple words to express ideas, you do not need to use large vocabulary to show how much the language in which you are writing is mastered. We must use words to express ourselves and not to demonstrate how intelligent we are. We must illustrate each statement made with an example. Writing in English, it is better not to use contractions like don't, can't or any other.

They are not well seen by the scholarship selection committees

Contractions are used to write to people close to you or trust you, they are not used in serious documents as an essay. Do not write in the first person, do not use the I if possible.
If there are no precise instructions, we suggest:
  • Trial size: 5 to 10 paragraphs, 5 to 7 lines each paragraph.
  • Font size: Times New Roman 12; This is the most used by international universities for the preparation of essays.
  • Normal margins.
  • Spacing: Double-space to facilitate reading and give the reader space to make their observations.

In the structure and writing of the essay, it is advisable to consider the following:

Do not exceed the maximum number of words and/or characters defined by the program to which it applies. It is recommended to make the most of the number of words (at least 90% of the maximum words). Do not write in writing, divide the essay into five or seven paragraphs; the introduction, three to five intermediate paragraphs or essay body, and the closing paragraph. Give special attention to the introduction; Try to capture the interest of the reader, so he will be interested in knowing what he says or what the rest of the essay reveals.
Organize the paragraphs in chronological order, past-present-future. Do not leave topics or paragraphs open, close them !, DO NOT return to a topic later.
To excel in the competition, you must respond in the best possible way to the requirements and objectives of the scholarship to show that you are different and better than the competition. Support your prayers: comment, evidence; comment, evidence; so that you convince.
Clearly express the career of your interest, it is not good to apply for a scholarship with indecision, since the scholarship programs bet on those who have defined vocations. If you are going to write about the advantages of studying abroad, you can do it, but without expressing yourself badly about your country or the universities of your country, because it is frowned upon by the international scholarship program selection committees.
If you speak academic aspects, be cautious, it is possible that whoever reads your an essay is a specialist in the subject. If you are going to talk about the university or the academic program, inform yourself before you speak, otherwise, you can fall into mistakes. It is recommended that in addition to your goals and aspirations, you also express in your essays how you will contribute in the future to the development of your country or to the well-being of your citizens.

Avoid what is not necessary

Avoid talking about religious or faith and political aspects in your essays, except in those cases that are priority aspects of the program. Close the essay requesting the scholarship, do not be afraid to express your reasons and limitations. Even if you have that goal, do not indicate in your essay that after graduation you want to stay in the country where you will continue your studies.
The majority of fellowship programs that grant scholarships to developing countries aim to contribute to the development of countries. Supporting the academic and professional development of their youth, therefore they are expected to return to their country of origin at the end of their studies. There are some programs that even leave this point clearly defined in the bases of their call.
When you write the essay does not exceed the maximum number of words or pages allowed. Use the minimum number of words required to express your ideas clearly and completely. Selection committees should read dozens of applications; they may not read your entire essay if it is too long, so we suggest that it does not exceed 600 words.


Try to avoid the maximum use of "drawer phrases" those that everyone always says and uses, we must be original and stand out among others. Be sure to write correctly: It never hurts to say that it is necessary to check spelling, syntax, the use of punctuation marks. Do not trust that the computer's word processor checks the spelling, take all the time necessary to meticulously review the letter or document to verify that it is well written. Remember that it is necessary to express yourself clearly and concisely. There are some programs that ask questions to meet you, later we will give you some tips on how to answer these questions (see “directed essays”).

About Author:
Hi, I am Maria Smith. I am a blogger and a traveller. I usually write for and I usually cover niches like tech, academics, and entertainment.

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Planning is literally the only way we ordinary humans can prepare for what the future will throw at us. A wise man once said; “Make hay while the sun shines”, in fact, practically all cultures have proverbs that indicates why planning is very important in life. The Igbo tribe in Nigeria say; “A man should start looking for his black goat in daytime”. This means a lot because even our forefathers understood the importance of preparation.
When you don’t plan properly, you are like a sheet of paper in a wind storm; the blustery weather will blow you about; if you don’t plan your life, it will kick you around like that shit of paper in the storm.
Therefore, I feel compelled to put in writing the benefits of planning your life out. I am very aware that some people love spontaneity and don’t want to live on a time table. However; you surely want to be secured by a pension scheme for when you retire.
If you are wealthy enough, you might want to set up a trust fund for your children. Life is fairly unpredictable and if you aren’t getting younger, a life insurance policy would be considered. Whatever the case, everybody is making plans without even knowing it, but how do you make more intent and objective plans for your future?
 1.     Financial Security
Those jobs or contracts might not always be there. It is very important to keep some money aside for the rainy days, because trust me they will come. I want you to be honest with yourself, if hypothetically something happened and you find yourself in a tight corner financially; let’s assume you lost your job today. Would it be a situation of feeding from hand to mouth for your family going forward or you have enough to stay afloat till you get another job or revive your business? Whatever you conclude within yourself, don’t lose hope or panic. Your situation is definitely not the first one but to be on a safe side, you could start now to begin saving up some money from your earnings no matter how small it is. One day, it would come in very handy, trust me.
 2.     Time Management 
When you plan and schedule properly, you don’t make silly mistakes and make your loved ones believe you don’t love them as much. You can plan your time by using the old school method of writing notes and sticking them to your fridge, or you can use the more modern method of setting notes and alarms on your phone.
Whatever you do, make sure you always plan quality time with family. A wise man once said that family is everything and there is no excuse for not providing time for them. As adults, it is normal and only human of us to forget certain things, but there are various means to set reminders on your smart phone for such a situation.
 3.     It Gives You More Control Over Your Life
I know I said this before but I feel compelled to stress it. You will agree with me that if you don’t plan, every morning would be a potential drama. You might get the dress drama, then no water drama if you live in an apartment with neighbors, or you might have kids’ drama if you are married with children.
All these dramas are usually as a result of lack of planning. What if you could plan your dressing for each day of the week on a Sunday evening. You could even make it fun by inviting a loved one to come help you pick out suitable clothes from your closet. This will save you the hassle of having to wake up and plan an outfit before eight.
So, you need to prepare breakfast early enough for your husband and kids before they go to work and school respectively. First of all, you need to start making plans before hand, preferably the day before. Once you are able to partially organize a meal for your family the day before everybody has to be at various places early. You now have two less things to worry about in the morning.
Having a plan to some degree gives you control over your life. Even though you might not be the one controlling the waves, you are at least the captain of your ship. You need to take control of your life and the only way to do that is by planning ahead.
 4.     Risk Management
Life is all about taking risks. You can’t say you have fully existed until you have lived on the edge a little. After a man climbed Kilimanjaro, he claimed he had never felt so alive before. This was very inspiring but I something came to my mind and I couldn’t shove the thought away. This young man was just thirty five and had two daughters; age seven and six. So, I pondered. If by chance a serious accident occurs and this young man becomes incapacitated, what would become of his wife and daughters?  Then I decided to check out various options his family could use to keep getting income to support and train the children through college.
Life insurance policy is a great, great plan if you are someone who loves to live on the edge. Nobody is asking you to stop trying to climb the Mount Everest, or jump out of a plane with parachutes or wander into the jungle on your own in search of the wonderful feeling of having stared death in the eyes.
And while doing all that, have you considered that anything could happen and its best to prepare for the worse. Getting Life insurance shouldn’t seem like an awkward thing to do. Recently, I was reading up on how a family can cope without the major breadwinner in the family, I found out that most families that were left with life insurance policies by their breadwinners end up being very stable financially moving forward.
Then again it’s not only life insurance policies, but there are various other insurance you can take to help minimize the effects of a catastrophe.
 5.     It Gives You Motivation   
Nothing gives more motivation than purpose, and nothing gives more purpose than plans. When you have plans, you have purpose and purpose is what motivates us to get up from bed on Monday mornings. When you have plans to purchase a new car by the end of the year, you have purpose and that purpose is what you are living for till you finally get that car.
Making plans are a good way to stay motivated in a world where there are very few things to be motivated about. 
6.     It Helps to Make Priorities Obvious
One of the reasons why relationships fail is due to conflicting notions on what is supposed to be the priority. However, when take your time to actually plan, you would be able to point out what you see as a priority.
During the planning process, you will get to notice priorities and place them above other options. This is the concept of scale of preference; it is when you put some options above others based on your need for them.
Let’s say you want to get a new computer, however, your rent is about to expire and your landlord will be on your neck once it does. I guess your house rent will be your first priority and then maybe later you can start thinking about that new computer.
Generally, planning will set your priorities straight. No matter how goofy it may seem, you need to write down some of the stuffs you have to do before a certain period of time then scale them according to their importance. The less important tasks should go down on the list, and the all more important tasks should go up.
Author Bio - 

Abimbola Joseph is a creative content developer at Explicit Success who derives pleasure in encouraging individuals to be the best they can be in all relevant facets of life. She believes that we all have a better version of ourselves which can be leveraged to impact others and make the world a better place. You can also connect with her on Instagram @abimbolajoe.  

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How To Solve Quick Books Error 6175


QuickBooks error 6175 generally occurs when the QuickBooks desktop is not able to start or stop the database manager. When the Database Server A manager is used in multi-user mode to company data files. If this service encounters an application time-out, it cannot start resulting in error 6175 in QuickBooks Error Support desktop. when the QuickBooks error 6175 is displayed at the screen of the desktop, a user might panic because all the data is stored within the software.

Causes of QuickBooks error 6175

You may face this error while QuickBooks can not start/stop Database Server manager’. The QuickBooks Database Server Manager is a tool that may be used in the Multi-user mode to effortlessly manage ‘.nd’ files. Moreover, QBDSM facilitates to keep track of the company data location.

Every another cause in the back of the error code is that the server web hosting the company file is busy or unable to carry out other responsibilities. Cyber-sitting programs also can be a cause of the error.

Best Solution Of QuickBooks errors Code 6175

It's far essential for a user to don't forget the reasons for the respective errors and take corrective steps as a consequence. The stairs indexed under have to be followed properly by using the user to clear up the error effectively. But earlier than appearing the troubleshooting steps, you need to know the windows version you're currently running on.

Solution 1: check the tool with the Reimage repair tool.

Reimage restore tool scans and diagnose the device, then repair your windows operating gadget registry shape.

  • Download the Reimage repair tool with the help of Clicking at the hyperlink and then shop the report on your desktop.
  • Discover the file location and double-click on it. The installation process will start.
  • The user account control will prompt a message if you need to run the program or now not.
  • Click on yes to continue.
  • A welcomeQuickBooks screen is displayed. Do not tick the checkbox and allow the repair tool to provoke an automated scan.
  • Click on installation. Now the device is prepared to download essential updates.
  • As soon as the scan is whole, the Reimage tool will inform you of the faulty regions for your tool.
  • Click on the start repair button to start the fixing solution.
  • After this, you want to restart your tool.

Solution 2: You want to set the hosting on the server system.

  • Open QuickBooks at the server.
  • Open the file menu.
  • Choose the utility section.
  • From the application sub-menu, Select the Host Multi-user access to.
  • Click on the ‘yes’ button.
  • A multi-user setup file window opens up. Select the ok button.
  • From the report menu, switch to Multi-user Mode.

Solution 3: you could use the QuickBooks file Doctor Tool.

The QuickBooks file doctor tool facilitates to solve common networking and company file corruption errors. You could download the tool for rectifying the error.

Solution 4: The person needs to change QuickBooks-DBXX service to the nearby system account.

  • Select Start, Within the search bar kind MSC and press enter.
  • You currently have to right-click on at the QuickBooks-DBXX provider.
  • After this, click on properties and choose the go online tab.
  • Find the neighborhood device account, pick the radio button and pick next.
  • Click on Apply and click on the OK button.
  • You could now transfer to multi-user again.

Often, a basic error occurs in QuickBooks web connector, but sometimes they are not solvable by the user and the user gets upset. Some like QBWC 6175 it shows only two different error messages. In this article, we have the best solution for QuickBooks web connector error so that if you are having any problem in the QuickBooks software then you can solve it. And it the problem is not still being solved, you can take the help of QuickBooks Phone number.

This article represents how important this article is for the user to Solve QuickBooks Error 6175. I hope this blog will help you in solving errors like QuickBooks error 6175. Because in this article, we have told about the best solution of error 6175. 
By the way, this problem can be solved by you and if there is still a possibility of error. So you can take help from our Quickbooks Support number, which will help you in solving your problem.

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